60% of the time, it works every time.

Mornings are usually pretty hectic around here with all of the creatures demanding food and attention. wpid-20150313_075735.jpgThe cats are up at 5:30, the dogs around 6:00. The chickens pretty much run dawn ’til dusk along with the wild birds. Chickens are noisy creatures, and this flock seems to be especially vocal. Any wild birds trying to steal their food will be squawked at relentlessly.

Recently the noise level was getting a bit out of hand for 7:00 AM. I went to investigate and found many house finches and a few scrub jays bombarding the run, stealing the hen scratch I had put out for the chooks. The girls despise this, and were protesting accordingly. I tried to shoo the wild birds away, a failed attempt. It didn’t phase them and they returned immediately.

Contemplating my options, I walked back inside to talk to my fiancée. She had the brilliant idea of removing the old plastic owl we’ve kept in a cage in the patio for years, and placing it in the chicken run. I snatched the owl from it’s cage and ran back behind the garage to scare those robbers away! The only thing I scared was the chickens. In fact, I scared them so bad, they ran around the other side of the garage and didn’t come out. I left the owl on the roof of the coop, thinking they’d get used to it. Nope, that was not the case. A half hour later the chickens were still behind the garage and the finches were having a garden party.

I removed the owl, and he now resides next to my seedlings to keep the birds away. 60% of the time, it works every time.

Delivery Day

The new chicks have finally arrived! We’ve been waiting for these babies for almost two months now. Happy and healthy little girls ready to join the flock. It’ll be awhile before they can join the big girls outside, and will be inside the next four weeks under the heat lamp.

We are adding Golden Comets to our flock this year. They are a cross between a Rhode Island Red and a White Leghorn. I was introduced to this breed by my friend Katherine at  Island Seed and Feed  in Goleta, and am eager to see how they produce. Supposedly they lay up to 330 eggs a year!

We are also adding two more Ameraucanas to the mix, they are just so cute with their puffy cheeks.

The Golden Comets are the ones with the blue mark on their head. The Ameraucanas seem to be a day or so younger, they are not quite as active yet. Alfie Sassafras sits in the background, enjoying the new members of Flora Vista Farms.


Eggs For Sale!

wpid-20150309_152216.jpgEggs For Sale! Come get the best darn eggs in Santa Barbara.

Gathered from ethically raised, happy hens. $3/half dozen; $5/dozen.


Meet Our Girls:

Abigail, Lavinia, and Gertrude Fezziwick – Ameraucauna

Tess O’Hare – Buff Rock

Cordelia Bordeaux – New Hampshire Red

Dorothea Peterborg – Gold Laced Wyandotte

Annelise Peterborg – Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

Adelaide, Bernadette, and Capucine Dubois – Araucana

Photo also featuring – Parmesan and Fricassee aka “The Broilers”